About us

Asifiwe James, Founder and Director of Voice of Empowered Women Foundation (VOEWOFO).

Asifiwe is 34years old, born and raised in Tanzania. She finished her Bachelor and Master Degree in Community & Economic Development 9 years ago and since then she got professional experience with different organizations and a lot of skills and experience from her dissertation (Research 2013).

Over 7years she advocates gender equality by empowering women girls and children. Highly specialized in Women, girls and children’s rights with attitude of helping children’s, women and their families in pastoral communities.
Her passions and values fall towards children’s from the toddler’s development to reach their milestones as well as a society that respect and value women and children.
She loves playing with kids, talking, singing and teaching them. She also like listening gospel music. Recently she is a mother of two children (Married) living in Bomang’ombe Hai, Kilimanjaro region.