Instead of Making “April Fool” on 1st April

Instead of Making “April Fool” on 1st April Plant at least one Tree & Make “April Cool” Tigo Green for Kili, One Step One Tree


We envision an independent life far away from discrimination and oppression for all women and girls in Tanzania. All our followers from outside of Tanzania, please share with us, what you are fighting for concerning Women’s rights in… Read More


Our vision is to be the best mentoring organization for women and girls to overcome oppression as well as discrimination. By offering unique programs including economic, social and health education in pastoral communities we want to improve the… Read More

Sexual violence

Sexual violence against women and children remains prevalent. We stand together AGAINST sexual and gender-based violence! Please comment and share to stand with us!

Women’s Empowerment

Empowerment Empowerment is a big word. Empowerment to us means to have agency over life and equal opportunity to participate in society. As the voice of empowered Women, the process of women gaining influence and equal opportunity to… Read More

Resource activation

Activating resources and giving opportunities for developing interest and competence is a very important part of empowerment. With our sewing groups, planting activities, Peer group education group and many more, we help young girls and women develop competencies… Read More

Celebrating Woman’s day 8th March

8th March International Women’s Day was celebrated in Boma Tanzania. This is am how Women should always be celebrated. It was a wonderful celebration, with music and speeches from Women who are empowering examples for all of us…. Read More

Visiting a Group of Maasai Women

This Week we, VOEWOFO visited a group of Maasai Women, in a Maasai village. VOEWOFO has donated 6 Goats ? to the group of Women to increase the independence and personal income of the Women. The Maasai are… Read More

Visiting Kalali orphanage Center!

On March 4th, VOEWOFO visited the beautiful Kalali orphanage Center in Machame. The orphanage is run by women. And together with Women representing Government Youth departments had the chance to see the orphanage and the work the women… Read More

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day